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Wednesday, 17 June 2020

Chandigarh Administration Labour Department Latest Notification

The employers of the shop and commercial establishment shall be allowed to open all days

Country The Superintendent of Chandigarh vide warning No. 12/02/15-H-II(2)- 2020/7845 has permitted all shops and foundation secured under The Punjab Shops And Commercial Establishments Act, 1958 to open their outlets on the entire days of the week for a time of a quarter of a year subject to conditions as referenced underneath

Latest notification for chandigarh shops

(I) It must be guaranteed that all arrangements of the Act/Rules identifying with representatives working conditions, rest span, week after week off days and different limitations determined in the previously mentioned Act of 1958 must be consented to

 (ii) Opening and shutting hour of the considerable number of Shops And Commercial foundations will continue as before on each of the seven days of the week as advised by Chandigarh organization every once in a while

(iii) The pivot of worker drew in ought to be done so required week after week rest be given to them

(iv) The requests gave independently under Disaster Management Act in regards to odd-even equation in chose markets will keep on being in activity

Saturday, 13 June 2020

Government Of Meghalaya is pleased to revise Minimum Wages payable to employees

According to notice no LBG 75/2012/382, the Government of Meghalaya has proclaimed the base paces of wages in the territory of Meghalaya successful first April 2020

Meghalaya Labour law new guidelines 2020

Saturday, 2 May 2020

Exemption From Payment Of Late Fee Under Maharashtra State Tax On Professions

Exemption From Payment Of Late Fee Under Maharashtra State Tax On Professions, Trades, Callings And Employments Act, 1975.

Late fee under MHA state tax on trades, calling

The Government of Maharashtra, Office of the Commissioner of Professional Tax vide exchange round No.6T of 2020, has educated that the due date regarding documenting of profits without installment generally charge payable has been expanded. The Monthly or Annual returns relating to period upto March 2020 and month to month time of April 2020 has been excluded liable to the underneath conditions.

(I) Any sum payable (charge + enthusiasm) according to return ought to have been or will be paid at the very latest the recording of profits.

(ii) The businesses ought to present the profits relating to the period upto April 2020, at the latest 31st May 2020. Any business who has not satisfied the conditions or has submitted bogus data to profit the advantage of exclusion at that point, exception generally expense will be denied and move will be made against such employer.

Maharashtra tax new updates

Saturday, 25 April 2020

Ministry Of Home Affairs Released Clarification on MHA Order Allowing Opening Of Shops

Ministry Of Home Affairs Released Clarification on MHA Order Allowing Opening Of Shops

The ministry also said stores found in registered markets placed outside the local corporations and districts can open after following the drill of social distancing and wearing of masks but with 50 percent of strength. However, single and multi-brands shall continue to remain closed in these areas also.
Press released notification for allowing to open shops

"All shops enrolled under the Shops and Establishment Act of the individual State/UT, including shops in residential associations and market systems, except shops in multi-brand and single-brand malls, outside the limits of local corporations and districts, with 50 percent strength of workers with wearing of masks and social distancing being mandatory" will be allowed to work. However, the releases will not be given in hotspots and containment areas.

Order to open the shops in lockdown

Extension Of Due Date For Filing Annual Returns In Maharashtra

Extension Of Due Date For Filing Annual Returns In Maharashtra

extended Of Due Date For Filing Annual Returns 2020 In Maharashtra

Government of Maharashtra, Department of Labour has prolonged the deadline for filing annual returns under The Maharashtra Shops And Establishments (Regulation Of Employment And Conditions Of Service) Act, 2017, to 31st July 2020 as many corporations could not file their annual returns for the year 2019 due to the disruption of COVID

Legal Alert! Extended Due Date For Filing Annual Returns Under The West Bengal

Extended Due Date For Filing Annual Returns Under The West Bengal State Tax On Professions, Trades, Callings, And Employments Act.

extended due date for filing annual return 2020  in west bengal

Government of West Bengal, Directorate of Commercial Taxes in the exercise of the government presented under Rule 12 of the West Bengal State Tax on Professions, Trades, Callings, and Employments Rules, 1979, for the year closing on the 31st day of March 2020, the last date of filing Yearly return in Form-III has been increased to 30th June 2020. Please refer the information for more articles

annual return upadtes 2020 in west bengal

Freedom For Delay In Payment Of Profession Tax And Filing Of Return in MP

Legal Alert! Freedom From Penalty For Delay In Payment Of Profession Tax And Filing Of Return In Madhya Pradesh

Freedom for filing returns

Government of Madhya Pradesh vide announcement no. F A 3-07/2020/1/V(22), releases the private division executives who are expected to make payment of tax by 10th April 2020 and file the appropriate return by 15th April 2020, from the penalty under section 13, if the tax is settled on or before 30th April 2020 and from the penalty under sub-section (3) of section 9 if the return is filed before 5th May 2020. Please refer the Organization for more details

 Government of Madhya Pradesh vide announcement

Monday, 20 April 2020

Legal Alert ! Karnataka duty On expert,Trades,Callings And business (Removal Of Difficulties) Order, 2020

Legal Alert! Karnataka duty On expert, Trades, Callings, And business (Removal Of Troubles) Order, 2020
New updated for trade and business

The Law of Karnataka vide order No.FD 03 CPT 2020 has Continued the Routine PT Addition due date for the month of March 2020 from the Real date of 20th April 2020 to 20th May 2020 and the due date for payment of Entrance tax has been extended from the existing date of 30th April 2020 to 30th May 2020

Saturday, 18 April 2020

Legal Alert! Exemption For Factories Act 1948 In Gujarat

Legal Alert ! Exemption For Factories From Various Plans Of Factories Act 1948 In Gujarat
New Factory Act 2020

The Government of Gujarat introduce notification No. GHR/ 2020/56/ FAC/ 142020/ 343/M3 has directed all factories registered under the Factories Act, 1948 shall be exempted from various stores related to Section 51 weekly hours, Section 54 daily hours, Section 55 interval for rest etc. of adult employees and Section 56 escalation over hours with circumstances as suppliment in the notification. These refreshments shall apply from 20th April 2020 with due procedures of safety and social distancing. Please assign to the notification for specific information.

Download notification new factory act of gujarat

Wednesday, 20 November 2019

More flexibility in labour laws introduced by Indian Government

More flexibility in labour laws on the way

employment & labour law in india

New Delhi: The Centre on 20th November 2019 propose  facilitating of Labour laws through the presentation of the Industrial Relations Code Bill, which has proposed to hold the arrangement to permit organizations with more than 100 labourers to look for earlier endorsement for lay-offs, however, try to acquaint an arrangement with let the administration choose the number as opposed to looking for Parliament endorsement.

The Industrial Relations Code Bill was cleared by the bureau on 21st November 2019 and will be presented in Parliament. It looks to consolidate arrangements of some work laws.ent.The charge seeks to blend arrangements of three focal work laws-Trade Unions Act, Industrial Employment Act, and Industrial Disputes Act apart from Simplifying the regime.

The new Labour Code, which will be presented in the Parliament in the continuing winter session for approval is going to hand firms a different advantage. Hiring and firing of votive workers will be now much stress-free for the employers.

The Union Cabinet chaired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave its approval on 20th Nov for the overview of the Business Relations Code, 2019 in the Parliament.
This code is meant to simplify and merge 3 central labour acts with The Trade Unions Act, 1926, The Industrial Employment (Standing Orders) Act, 1946 and The Industrial Disputes Act, 1947.
This code is a delay of a June decision where the Ministry of Labour took a stand to merge all the forty-four labour laws into 4 codes, including industrial relations, wages, community security and welfare, health and working situations.

How will it benefit employers?

The idea is to progress the working situations of the votive staff and bring them on par with the fixed employees. From an HR perception, this will mean that a company need not have many employment policies for contractual and fixed staff.
Especially for areas like maternity leave and stretched leave for mothers, a similar policy will be followed which would make the management process easier. In the past, leaves were a bone of argument between corporations and labourers.
A crucial aspect of the new draft code is the fixed-term employment proposal that has also been welcomed by the industry. This will mean that the individual corporations would not need to involve with any third-party contractors. Instead, under the new regime, they will be able to hire contract workers in a straight line for a fixed contract.

How will it help employees?

Presently, labour difference of views takes a long time to be set on. The Industrial Relations Code has proposed setting up of a two-member tribunal for settling labour arguments. Earlier, there was a one-member team that led to delays in getting a resolution.

Insofar as benefits are worried, the draft code has said that set social security welfares will be comprehensive to all types of workers. This means that all company benefits as well as insurance and leave encashment could be provided to these workers (contractual or temporary workers). Earlier, contractors would be passed on these benefits, and there were reports of leakage of cash/insurance amount.

Just the once this code gets a sign from both the houses of the Parliament, it will be drafted into law. This will include all the existing rules used for defining occupation contracts of staff.

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