Saturday, 25 April 2020

Legal Alert! Andhra Pradesh Government issued notification for factories

Labour Officers Directed To Ensure Employers In Andhra Pradesh Make Payment Of Wages To Their Workers During Lock-Down 

andhra pradesh  wages act 2020

The Government of Andhra Pradesh has published directions to all the Government as well as Private Corporations shall make payment of wages/salaries fully to the workers of the employees including those serving under Contract and Outsourcing basis during the lock period and the violation will be viewed thoughtfully and welcome panel action under the Epidemic Diseases Act 1897. In this regard, the Chief Secretary to Government of Andhra Pradesh has published directions to the Labour Department, to ensure, that every migrant worker in the AP shall be catered food and shelter, and also expedite all industries and industries to pay their wages/salaries during the lockdown period. Hence all the JCLs/DCLs/ACLs/ALOs are hereby directed to ensure that every migrant worker is given food and safety. All the labor in the industries shall be paid salaries during the lockdown period without making any deductions and shall not remove any contact/casual workers, any violations of this order will be punishable under Disaster Management Act. The JCLs/DCLs are obligated to submit a weekly report


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